Guidelines You Have To Follow When Staying At A Travellers’ Boarding House

A travellers’ boarding house is one of the lodgings options you have when you are travelling and want to stay at some place. Due to the pleasant features attached to the travellers’ boarding house option most of the travellers love to choose this option at present. While it is a great place to stay there are some guidelines you have to follow if you are staying at a travellers’ boarding house. 

Some of these guidelines can change from travellers’ boarding house to travellers’ boarding house. However, at a place like a high standard Phuket backpacker hostel you will definitely have to follow them. Usually, these guidelines are offered to your by the travellers’ boarding house when you make a reservation there or when you make inquiries about making a reservation there.  

Rooms Only Holding the Number of People It Was Designed for 

There are times when some of the travellers’ boarding houses allow their guests to use a room for more than the people it was designed for. This means if the room was designed for two people you can sometimes insert an extra bed into the room and make it three people. However, there are also travellers’ boarding houses where this is not possible. That is mainly due to lack of space. They have dorms and private rooms. That means the space for rooms is going to be limited. At such a moment, more people trying to stay in the room, is not going to be something which can be done. 

No Children Allowed in Dorms 

Sometimes travellers like to travel as a family. However, if you are travelling as a family and choose a travellers’ boarding house or a hostel Philippines as your lodging option you need to remember you have to book a private room. Children, especially children who are under five year old, are not allowed in dorms because the travellers’ boarding house has to make sure all of their guests are comfortable. The crying of children or the noises they make can make it impossible for other dorm members to have a restful sleep after a tiring day.  

Smoking Indoors  

You are not allowed to smoke inside the travellers’ boarding house as it is prohibited by the law of the land. However, a good travellers’ boarding house is going to have a place which is for the people who love to smoke without breaking the law. 

A travellers’ boarding house is different from other lodgings. Therefore, you will have to follow the guidelines offered to you.